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Using Barriers That Will Help You Keep Termites Away From Your Home Most homeowners cringe at the thought of having termites inside their home. When a person decides to purchase a home, they spend a lot of money on it, whether they put down a deposit or pay the full amount when they move in. If you find termites in the home you have invested in, you may wonder how the infestation could have happened. Termites enjoy feasting on wood, so as long as there is an abundance of it available, they are able to survive, mate, and multiply. Preventing A Termite Infestation Those who live in Australia often take matters into their own hands to prevent a termite infestation from happening. What they will do is have pest control specialists come to their property to put in a termite barrier. The barrier gets placed in parts of the home where termites would have been able to make their way inside. A chemical barrier that is toxic to termites and keeps them away may also get placed right by the foundation of a home. Although the barriers are useful at preventing termites from entering a home, they may not actually kill them. Even so, they offer an added layer of protection that homeowners want and need, especially since termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage inside a home. Tips For Protecting Homes And Keeping Termites Away There is information available on how to keep termites away from buildings. Having barriers put in place, which is an approved and effective method of controlling these pests, does deter the termites from even getting within a short distance of a property. Although they are useful, there is more that needs to be done to prevent termites from attacking a property and infesting it. Unfortunately, there have been some reports of homeowners who did have the barriers put in place and still ended up dealing with a termite infestation. As a homeowner, you must take time to inspect your home to make sure that you are not dealing with an infestation. It is easy to spot signs of termites because they leave their marks while feasting on anything made from wood material. If you have spotted markings and other signs, such as termite droppings, it is best to have pest control specialists revisit the home to eliminate the infestation with a pesticide. Know More About Your Barrier Options While living in the Brisbane area or the area of Queensland, you will have two barrier options to choose from, both of which are useful. There are chemical barriers that repel the termites and there are physical barriers that block them from getting into the home. When it comes to the physical option, most homeowners use Kordon Termite Barriers. Understanding Chemical Barriers If you are concerned about the chemical barriers because you are afraid that the chemicals could cause harm to your family or pets, do not worry. While the chemical does deter termites from coming inside of a building, it would not cause harm to any of the people or animals living in your home. If you are going to choose the chemical method, these are a few things you should consider: - Size of the trench. It is important that each trench is nice and deep before the chemical gets poured into it. A pest control specialist will use measurements to determine how wide and deep the trench is before pouring the solution. As long as it gets done professionally, it should help to eliminate any termites that have also been found lingering around inside the home. - Number of holes. When using the chemical barrier, it is crucial to have little holes dug around the building. It does take a lot of effort to dig out each of these holes, but some of the pest control specialists handle the job with ease instead of expecting you to do it. It is best for each hole to be separated by about 300 mm of space. - Strength of the chemical used. Pay attention to the type of chemical used to create the barrier. There are some specialists who may water down the chemicals, which means they will not work nearly as effectively. Do not hesitate to ask the specialists about the concentrate of the chemical they plan to use so that you can make sure it is something that is strong enough to keep the termites away. - Safety of the chemical. Lastly, you do not want to have a chemical used if it contains toxic ingredients that would be harmful to your health and the health of others who live with you. You can rest assured that the type of chemical used to keep termites away will not cause you any harm, but you can also do some extended research on it beforehand to find out more about it.